Interior design

At MELI Interiors we take on the design, decoration and styling of interiors (homes, restaurants, hotels, companies and other spaces). For all projects and selections we focus on quality and character, and try to incorporate one-of-a-kind pieces from around the globe. Great design, earthly tones with pops of colour, and spaces that blend in beautifully with the surrounding nature are characteristic of our style. We respect the taste and preferences of our clients, therefore all our projects have personality. As a family-run company, we value design that promotes the operation of a comfortable home, and implement it in our designs. We ensure that the spaces retain practical and human elements, which are qualities we find are often missing from modern day design & structures.



Beginning in 2020, we have decided to begin MELI thematic pop-up stores (rather than full time stores), which will appear at various locations and times, for small periods. Our first MELI pop-up took place during the 2019 Christmas holidays, bringing our clients one-of-a-kind quality gifts & ideas for the holiday season. During a time of mass production and overflow of objects and information, we focus on sourcing quality, handmade, original objects and ideas for our stores and clients. We support slow production, boutique operations, and respect historic crafts. We gather ideas all year round, and present them once in a while at our pop-up stores. Less is more, and time is key.
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