Sustainability at MELI

At MELI we believe that measures to protect the environment can be taken in all industries and businesses, no matter the size, as change is a collective process. Sometimes, this costs a little extra for small scale, independent, family businesses like ours – but we are proud of our moves as we respect our surroundings. Below are a few environmentally friendly practices that we’ve adopted at MELI. We appreciate your interest and invite you to support our effort!

◦ In our office, we only print when absolutely necessary, have invested in a printer that can print sheets on both sides, and we recycle.
◦ We invest in high quality linens for our event rental equipment (napkins and tablecloths are all 100% linen). Although these fabrics have a very high cost for us and we don’t see quick profit after our investment, we manage to reuse them for numerous events before withdrawing them from our collection, as they withstand time and use due to their quality. This can be more profitable for our business in the long term, as we don’t need to constantly replace the fabrics, and we also provide luxury to our clients at a fraction of the real cost.
◦ We reuse plastic packaging materials over and over again, and have stopped their use wherever it can be avoided. We are in the process of creating fabric packaging for all our equipment – a costly investment, which we decided is worth it.
◦ When we buy new event rental equipment, we prefer items made from recycled materials that have been handmade by artisans we have direct contact with. For example, our new glasses are all hand-blown out of recycled glass, using traditional Moroccan techniques. Their designs carry the Moroccan heritage, but with a modern twist.
◦ We also prefer equipment that is made with natural processes, using the least possible chemical ingredients – such as our glass plates which have the natural glass color and are made of recycled glass.
◦ Whenever possible, we prefer to pay a little extra and give jobs to people within our country, especially those who revive traditional techniques that have eclipsed in our time. We also prefer working within the country as we reduce our carbon footstep and push for growth in our country, which we love so deeply. An example of this is our new collection of hand-tie-died with natural colors, eco-cotton napkins, made by an artist we collaborate with within Greece. We are proud to say our production process is slow, ethical and considered.
◦ We also like to buy vintage, for our events, interior projects & store. There is character in age, and the act of reusing and repurposing items with history is unique in itself.
◦ When we design events, we not only take into consideration, but we are inspired by the surrounding environment and try to accentuate its beautiful characteristics with our style, rather than build over them. We have been doing this since the beginning of our business, as it is truly part of our style - but it is also cost effective for our clients, and a sustainable move as we avoid the production of custom décor that might never be reused.
◦ When we do however create custom designs, we try to make ideas that can be reused – which means that we make timeless designs for high-end, chic weddings & events. Even though we re-use our equipment, we have never carried out identical events in all our years of work in the field.
◦ When ordering products for our store, we make sure we know their origin, guarantee their high quality and choose items that are timelessly stylish, not just trendy. This is why most of our clients still have outdoors bamboo furniture they bought from us in the mid 70s!

The word “sustainable” is thrown around easily these days and often used in misleading ways. Don’t be confused – there is nothing sustainable about huge sales, large orders, and excessive consumption. We invite you to consider when you shop – where has the item originated from? Who made it, is it high quality so as to withstand time – is it timeless in its design? There is nothing “sustainable” in excessive consumption and how it impacts the environment. Same goes for setting up events – there is nothing classy in simply overdoing it. Setting up over the top and original events can be fun, but there are stylish and respectful ways to do it. That’s what we are here for! We prefer to carry out fewer events per year in order to focus, be inspired and make sure they are perfect in all aspects, respecting the surrounding environment, our clients, and our work.