Our family estate takes its name after the area it is located in, known as “Sinterina”. About a 40 minute ride from Athens, Sinterina is a representative example of the well preserved Greek natural countryside. Our estate is comprised of 3 separate homes, 2 guesthouses and a small church, all separated by private gardens and patios. The interiors are all of the same tenor, featuring a stone warmed muted palette, in tune with the pale limestone or grey wooden floors, whitewashed walls and vanilla-oak beams. Sinterina offers great comfort and peacefulness, both indoors and outdoors, with distinct lounging and dining spots immersed in the green unrefined scenery. It is a finely restored original farmhouse, found in a completely quiet and tranquil setting amidst Sinterina’s countryside, a rare haven of peace so close to Athens!



Sinterina is most beautiful when brimming with life and energy! As we very much enjoy being around people, meeting new friends, and of course hosting events, we decided to share our experience of the place we love the most with the world. Our estate is available for rent, and its capacity to host over 18 guests, the various areas to set up weddings, dinners and events, the beautiful gardens and patios for workshops or relaxation, all make it an ideal location to host your special occasion!
Whether you are a family looking for an original and tranquil vacation, a couple dreaming of your wedding or an event planner looking to propose the perfect event venue to your clients, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. We would love to meet and show you around!
For more images of events we have produced here, please check our Events page.



The greater area of Lavrion is widely known as a mining district that operated for centuries. Our estate used to operate as a mine, where silver was extracted and organised before being sent off to the port of Lavrion, where it was collected. We have restored the original worker farmhouses and turned them into our homes, staying true to their original characteristics and with architectural renovations by Christos Lebessis and Nikos Valsamakis, as well as interior design by our own, Evi Mitsopoulou. The beautiful rock walls, one of the reasons Evi Mitsopoulou fell in love with the estate at first, used to serve as separating structures to organise the mining finds. We have also preserved a tall metal structure in one of the gardens - an old elevator that would transport workers and metal in and out of the tunnels below the ground. All these mining facilities, the ruins and the history of this area give Sinterina a truly unique character.


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